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          Available upon acceptance, the scholarships below are available to students who apply and qualify for financial aid through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment by 点击这里. Students and families must complete the FACTS Financial Aid forms in order to be considered. Applicants who qualify for aid are automatically considered and do not have to apply separately for these awards.


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        • 查理绿色'99服务性奖学金

          Charlie's family established this fund in his memory, to be awarded annually to a Father Ryan senior for his/her service to the community.
        • 约翰页。 (千斤顶)长'69奖学金

          Established in the memory of Jack Long ’69, this scholarship is given each year to 资深上升 who exemplifies a balanced approach to their educational experience (athletics, academics, activities).
        • 意志米勒'61奖卓越的艺术

          This annual award is given to a 资深上升 who demonstrates excellence and promise in the visual and performing arts.
        • 麦克治学精神

          Established in the memory of Mike Mayer ‘96, this award is given to a graduating percussion senior.
        • mepkin奖学金

          这个奖学金是/年$ 2,000的学费上。

          In addition, Mepkin Abbey is also going to sponsor up to two current students to participate in school-sponsored mission trips each year.
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